Zine Design


The Aim of this studio was to explore possibilities and potential of a print magazine published from Srishti and to create dummy issues of a print magazine based on identified target audience both consistent with the editorial intent of the magazine and viable to produce.

Student teams worked, conceptualized and designed different possibilities for the magazine, developing their own editorial design skills in editing text & image and learnt basics like layout, hierarchy and grids in the process. Besides this they learnt the value of collaboration, designing within the constraints of a budget and thinking of one’s target audience at all times.


  • Year : 2013
  • Student Work by : Svabhu Kohli, Kartik Ilango, Aditi Dash, Shaivalini Kumar, Amrita Mohanty, Sibya Rosalin, Abhishek Kumar, Kavya Bagga, Kavya Singh & Deval Maniar