Credit: Anbujawahar photography

Manasee Jog is an educator, visual artist, designer, and an illustrator. She has been teaching at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology since 2010. As an educator, her philosophy is to empower students to be constantly curious through triggers and inculcating critical thinking in the classroom.
She likes her classes to be independent, driven by self-regulated coursework, with introspective discussions, critiques, and collaborative work with peers. This approach stresses on rigor of practice and creates self-initiative through problem-based assignments for the students. This also encourages students to experiment and investigate so that they arrive at many a-ha moments. Her pedagogical practice is constantly strengthened by her interactions with senior educators, peers, artists, young designers, and students.

As an artist and designer trained in design and applied and visual arts, her practice explores how traditional forms of making in a technology-driven world can help in developing context. This happens with thinking, questioning and shaping informed opinions while making the connections between the obvious and the abstract. For inspiration, she looks at elements of play; gender; art, design, and personal histories: navigating between different disciplines to interrupt and disrupt processes and patterns. She emphasizes the need for inculcating the intervention of everyday lives and the cultural diversity of India in all her work. The maxim to ‘Learn, observe, absorb, and always make’ is what she tries to imbibe at all times.
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